Supporting Christians, Churches and organisations in other countries.

Our church has a long history of supporting missionaries around the world, and although we are a local church for our local community we feel that we can have an influence and impact further a field, and this in turn enriches and helps our work locally.

Miki and Suzana Kamberovic - Jagodina, Serbia

We currently support three outreaches on a monthly basis. These are Miki and Suzana Kamberovic who are based in Jagodina, Serbia, David and Dary Luz Taylor in Santa Marta, Colombia, and also a young family in Asia.

We also support a charity called Tent of Refuge that rescues children from the Dandora land fill site and pays for them to go through school. 

We have over the years taken many church members on mission trips. To Serbia – four times, Slovakia – three times – where we bought a building for them to have as a church, and one to Kenya.

We also have other missionaries visit us here from time to time.

David Taylor and his family - Santa Marta, Columbia
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